My Six - Twelve Years Child

Your six to twelve-year-old child has reached a new stage of development. They have moved out of early childhood and into a period characterised by physical stability and steady growth. They will have increased stamina and will undoubtably be healthier, more adventurous and daring. They may also experience an increased capacity for sustained intellectual work. Children in of this age are more receptive to intellectual learning than at any other time in their lives.

Your child’s mind is also changing as it loses ability to absorb the environment unconsciously. Instead you will find that your child begins to use reason and logic to learn about their world consciously. Typical questions asked by children of this age include why, how and when. This is a time when children are developing great intellectual power.

Children in these primary school years are far more social, they gravitate to others with increased enthusiasm. They wish to broaden their horizons beyond the confines of the family and into the wider society, most specifically into a new level of social life with their peers. They exhibit a great loyalty to their peer group and the evaluation of the group becomes paramount. During this time, children are
beginning the process of becoming independent from the family, a step they must take if they are eventually to make mature attachments beyond the family.

Your primary school aged child will probably be intrigued by the unusual and the extraordinary. They may look up to those they perceive to be heroes. These potential role models inspire children to stretch themselves and better themselves in some way. At the same time your child may be working on the development of their moral compass, their internal ability to tell right from wrong. They will want to be able to work this out for themselves.