Montessori and Gonski

Montessori Australia supports Gonski’s recommendation to place the learning growth of each student at the centre of our education model.  

We view transformation of the current education model as an urgent priority and support evidence-based changes that provide students with the capabilities to flourish in the knowledge economy. 

We offer the following key message as a contribution to this vital discussion. Our hope is that this conversation leads to more substantive changes so Australia does not miss this critical opportunity and can instead become known as the world’s leader in education innovation.

Transforming the industrial model
Developing self-regulated learning skills
Developing a systems worldview
The developmental continuum of education
Testing is not the true test

While we support the shift to learning growth, we also question whether this shift is significant enough to transform—truly innovate—Australia’s education model such that it provides students with the capabilities that the knowledge economy requires.

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"Gonski" refers to David Gonski, who was commissioned back in 2010 by the Minister of Education to be chairman of a committee to make recommendations regarding funding of education in Australia...